Case Study: School District Saves $400,000 With Roof Restoration

In 1983, Hawthorne Elementary in Vernon Hills, Ill. installed a ballasted EPDM roofing system under the advice of a commercial roofing consultant. Towards the end of the roof’s projected lifespan, 21 years later, the same roofing consultant inspected the roof to determine if it needed to be replaced.

The results were surprising.

No roof leaks had ever been reported, even though the building elements that impinge on the roof, such as skylights and HVAC equipment, had begun to deteriorate. The EPDM membrane was in excellent condition, and testing revealed that after 21 years of service it still exceeded the minimum requirements of membranes being manufactured today. In addition, the adhesive lap seams were still tight and no deficiencies were observed.

So, instead of replacing the roof on Hawthorne Elementary to the tune of $450,000, the roofing consultant recommended a $52,000 commercial roof restoration plan, which included the replacement of ten skylights. The roof restoration was projected to achieve at least ten more years of service life.

“The Board of Education was extremely pleased with being educated as to the possibility of EPDM roof restoration, rather than just being told to replace the roof,” said Alan Hahn, the school district’s business manager. “We are excited at the potential for extending our roof services lives almost indefinitely as our entire district roofs are EPDM. Saving money while not sacrificing quality will always have a place in the educational market.”

Bloom Roofing specializes in installing, maintaining and restoring EPDM commercial roofing systems. Our experts can inspect your commercial roof and make an informed and economical recommendation regarding restoration, repair or replacement.

To learn more about how roof restoration and EPDM roofing systems can save you money, read “Case Study: Roof Restoration to Extend Roof System Service Life,” by the EPDM Roofing Association.

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