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Since 1979, Bloom Roofing has worked with building owners to provide high-quality commercial roofing solutions and exceptional customer service. Your roof may not be in need of a replacement today, but our inspection and maintenance programs will extend the life of your roof and help you prepare a budget for when it does need to be replaced.

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It’s recommended that your roof is inspected and maintained at least twice a year to maximize roof performance and longevity.


Be proactive, not reactive. Get commercial roof inspections twice a year to ensure that your roof is properly maintained…


Whether you’re in need of minor roof repairs or major damage control, Bloom’s certified roof repair technicians…


Having laid over 150 million square feet of fault-free commercial roofing, Bloom Roofing has all the industry…

Michigan Clients who Benefited from Bloom Roofing

We have a proven track record of providing custom, cost-effective roofing solutions to some of Michigan’s most prominent businesses. Our proprietary roofing and drainage systems are designed to withstand even the worst Michigan weather and maximize the lifespan of your roof. That’s why more and more Michigan business owners are turning to Bloom for our first-in-class roofing service.

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Bloom Roofing provides commercial and industrial roof systems and repair services across the United States. Call us directly at 1 (800) 483-9932 or use the button below to send us a message!

The Key to a Trouble Free Roof


Annual roof inspections ensure your roof is properly maintained. Help reduce roofing expenditures by providing a customized roof life cycle plan.


Proactive maintenance programs can extend the life of your roof by an average of roughly 8 years.

Budget Planning

No two roofs are ever the same; Individually addressing existing condition of the entire roofing system and individual components to develop a long term plan.

Customized Solution

Every customer will receive a customized solution to a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective roof for 25+ years.