Since 1979, Bloom Roofing has been working against the elements in Michigan to provide our partners with high-quality commercial roofing systems and exceptional customer service.

We have a proven track record of providing custom, cost-effective roofing solutions to some of Michigan’s most prominent businesses. Our proprietary roofing and drainage systems are designed to withstand even the worst Michigan weather and maximize the lifespan of your roof. That’s why more and more Michigan business owners are turning to Bloom for our first-in-class roofing service.

Michigan Clients Who Benefited from Bloom Roofing

Somerset Mall Somerset Mall

ROOF AREA: 162,500 Square Feet
Somerset Mall is the premiere, luxury shopping mall in Metro Detroit. Bloom Roofing was initially chosen in 1995 to install roofing for the mall’s expansion, and worked with Somerset again in 2010 to replace the roof on the south wing of the building. Our dedication to understanding Somerset’s needs and budget helped us develop a plan for a best-in-class roofing system that remains in incredible condition after nearly 20 years.

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum Michigan State Capitol Building

ROOF AREA: 8,000 Square Feet
Bloom Roofing was selected out of Michigan’s most prominent roofing companies to restore our state’s beautiful capitol building. Located in Lansing, the building’s Neoclassical design presented unique challenges for roofing restoration. Bloom Roofing presented a state-of-the-art custom solution to preserve the capitol building’s interior and exterior beauty for years to come.

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

ROOF AREA: 34,161 Square Feet
The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a historical exhibit centered around the lives of President Ford and his wife Betty. Working closely with staff from the National Archives and Record Administration, Bloom installed a custom adhered PVC roofing system designed to offer maximum protection. Bloom's roofing performance was described by the general contractor as ''the smoothest roof replacement installation seen by site management.''


Client Testimonial

"In the last four years, Bloom Roofing has roofed — or reroofed — more than 3/4 million square feet of our retail and warehouse operations across South and Central Michigan... They're fast, they're good. They've never let us down!"


150,000,000 square feet of commercial roof over 4,000 customers without a single failure.

That's the Bloom Standard.

We view every roof installation as an opportunity to provide the absolute best roof in the business. We stand behind our word with over 40 years of earned integrity and experience. Just ask around. In fact, many of our employees have over 15 years of commercial roofing experience and over half of us have been with the company for more than 10 years.

A study conducted by one of the nation’s largest roofing material manufacturers showed that after installing more than 2 million square feet of roofing material each year since 1988, Bloom Roofing is the only commercial roofing company to have a quality rating in excess of 98%. This is the Bloom Standard.