Our belief in Quality drives a higher internal standard and therefore a better, premium roofing solution.


We believe that our customer base is best served in the long run with a roofing contractor who is focused on quality.

Since 1979, we have stood above other commercial roofing companies due to our commitment to skilled workmanship, fair business practices, superior customer service, professional project management and a meticulous attention to detail. We have successfully installed over 150 million square feet of roof installations without a single failure.

Two of the main reasons for our success over the years is our ongoing training and development of our roofing technicians and our high internal standards for our employees.



Bloom has been known for over 40 years as a commercial roofing company that provides custom solutions and impeccable customer service. On top of delivering uncompromised quality, we have one of the most experienced teams of roof technicians in the industry with each employee having an average tenure of nearly ten years.



Our team is dedicated to ensuring proper roof safety measures are put in place for every person that is working at or around our sites. Our philosophy is safety first and all of our workers attend annual training and education seminars to allow them to make the best decisions on the job thus ensuring their own safety.

Before each job begins, our safety director or another trained employees does a complete walk through of each site to observe and notate any potential hazards. A staging and set up plan is created for each job showing the set up area, material staging area and safety equipment details such as flags and guardrail systems. During construction, our superintendent performs routine inspections to ensure that all roof safety regulations are met. It’s this attention to detail that has put us in the upper echelon as one of the safest commercial roofing companies in the industry.




At Bloom Roofing, the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities is of primary concern, and we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely. We are taking proactive steps to help minimize the spread of COVID-19, and we are confident in our ability to abide by local public health policies and OSHA guidelines while continuing to ensure safe operations for our customers.

Here are actions we are taking to assure both customers and Bloom personnel are safe:

As a result of these actions, we do not anticipate any disruption to our ability to service our clients.  Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have.

The Bloom Roofing Team