At Bloom Roofing, we specialize in industrial and commercial low slope roofing systems. Each flat roof system has its own unique advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before being installed. That’s why we work with you during the consultation phase of our process to discuss your needs, budget, and roofing types in order to develop a custom roofing solution that best fits your building's roofing needs. We view every roof installation as an opportunity to provide the absolute best roof in the business and only work with clients that we know we can help.

The Bloom Custom Commercial Roofing System is made up of multiple components that all work together in order to create a roofing plan that best fits your needs. Whether your roofing membrane is made from EPDM, PVC or TPO , Bloom's expert roofers have the knowledge and expertise to find the ideal roofing solution for your building. From our best in class drainage systems to our state-of-the-art tapered insulation design software, each component is unique to Bloom Roofing and has helped set us apart from the competition.



Our extensive commercial and industrial roofing experience allows us to specify the ideal roof for your building. Utilizing our state-of-the-art rendering software, we are able to bring the design specs of our custom commercial roofing systems to life. From insulation to drainage, we diagram everything to exact specifications to ensure the installation process is completed with pinpoint accuracy.



Each building has its own unique set of challenges and specifications that we account for in every custom commercial roofing system we create. We install roofing membranes that are custom chosen for your building and ready to face the rigors of weather and everyday wear and tear in the quest towards maximum roof longevity.



Roof Insulation is key to heating and cooling costs. Every single one of our roofs includes an insulation system designed by our veteran staff, insuring energy efficiency and maximum roof performance. You don’t have a choice, it’s included.



With flat commercial roof systems, drainage is key. Our drainage systems are second to none and have earned us the best name in the Commercial Roofing business. Our Bloom Drainage System is backed by state-of-the-art tapered design software, which directs water to the main drainage system effectively extending the lifespan of your roof.


Sheet Metal

Invest in Bloom’s sheet metal fabrication, our in-house shop is ES-1 certified and features a computerized sheet metal break that delivers impeccable results. We offer a wide variety of colors to match your building, company colors or personal tastes.


Property Protection

We understand that any commercial roofing job has the potential to be disruptive, which is why we take all the necessary precautions to ensure your property is left unscathed throughout the process. During each job we utilize safety measures like rented pads installed over important surface areas for protection and heavy-duty wall coverings at roof access points.


Job Site Safety

We’ve spent years developing the best training courses and programs for our team in the field and clients. All Bloom employees have first aid training and are experts in implementing tools that make each job site as safe as possible. From guardrail systems to warning stripes, we guarantee that each job site minimizes risk from all angles.


Our Commercial Roof Replacement Process

    • Consultation Phase

-Discuss owner’s needs, budget, roofing types, and options.
-Execute a quick roof assessment by the sales team
-Work with the client to develop the optimal solution
-Set the criteria and standard of what should be expected in our roof project, the specs, timeline.
-Are we the right roofing company for you? Bloom will work to evaluate if there is a good fit between your needs and our solutions. We only work with clients we know we can help.

    • Planning Phase

-Superintendent site visit for planning set-up, safety, material needs
-Define the set up and safety plan to protect the building and its contents.
-Define an expected time frame for the project
-Coordinate the delivery plan with on site set up
-Initiate a daily progress plan documented in detail in the Foreman’s book

    • Construction Phase

-Bloom and the client will have daily face to face communication in addition to the project management team’s communication via phone/email
-Create daily and weekly updates on progress completed and going forward plan
-Install Roof so that it is water tight each night with a temporary seal between new roof and old roof
-Maintain a clean and professional job site

    • Post-Construction Phase

-Initiate a post-construction inspection
-Schedule a manufacturer warranty inspection
-Face to face review of project with Project Manager and Sales Team.
-Show client that they received exactly what they bought and some. Bloom works to exceed all expectations.
-Insure the surrounding grounds are left in same / better shape than when we started