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PVC Roofing Systems

Since 1979, Bloom Roofing has installed, replaced, and repaired hundreds of PVC roofing systems throughout Michigan and the Midwest. Polyvinyl Chloride roofing, also known as PVC, is a roofing membrane derived from two simple ingredients: fossil fuel and salt. Modified with plasticizers and stabilizers for improved flexibility and stability, PVC roofing systems have remained as one of the most commonly used materials for commercial roofing. Many people consider PVC roofs to be an energy-efficient, low maintenance, long-lasting, and cost-effective commercial roofing solution.

What can building owners with a PVC roof system do to prevent roof failure? Regular bi-annual roof inspections during warm weather need to be conducted to check for any early warning signs of potential issues like membrane tension, shrinkage, tears, or discoloration. At Bloom Roofing, we have the knowledge, experience, and ability to help identify these issues and make the necessary repairs before they become major problems.



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Our Experience with PVC Roofing Systems

Nestle USA Nestle USA

ROOF AREA: 208,235 Square Feet
The Nestle USA plant in Anderson, Indiana serves as the company's U.S. headquarters for the production and distribution of many of their edible products. That's why in 2009, when Nestle chose to expand the plant by more than 200,000 square feet, they partnered with Bloom Roofing for our best-in-class roofing systems and expertise with similar buildings. Recognizing Nestle's perishable products every step of the way, Bloom ensured the building remained 100% protected while installing a new mechanically-fastened PVC system that stands firm today.

H.H. Dow Academy Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

ROOF AREA: 34,161 Square Feet
The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan, serves as a historical exhibit to remember the lives of President Ford and his wife Betty. Working closely with staff from the National Archives and Record Administration, Bloom installed a custom adhered PVC roofing system that spanned across the building's 34,161 square foot surface. After completing the job, the roofing performance was described by the general contractor as ''the smoothest roof replacement installation seen by site management.''

H.H. Dow Academy H.H. Dow Academy

ROOF AREA: 9.072 Square Feet
Within the H Hotel in Midland, Michigan lives The H.H. Dow Leadership Academy, a leadership training center for Dow Chemical Company's employees throughout North America. Bloom Roofing devised plans for an 80 mil Sika Sarnafil system that could be applied to the courtyard's leaking system in addition to the other renovations to the H Hotel. This state-of-the-art waterproofing solution eventually lead to the job being selected in 2008 as first place for Waterproofing Systems in Sika Sarnafil's Roofing Projects of the Year Competition.

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