Expert Commercial Roof Construction Services

Since 1979, Bloom Roofing has been an industry leader for commercial roof construction. We are dedicated to installing high-quality, cost-effective roofing systems that tailor to your business, including the building’s design, budget, and timeline requirements.

    • Experience & Quality

Having laid over 150 million square feet of fault-free commercial roofing, Bloom Roofing has all the industry knowledge needed to make a perfect roofing partner for your commercial construction project.

    • Project Management

Our project management team is dedicated, experienced and committed to managing each commercial roof construction project as efficiently as possible. We follow job specs precisely which allows us to provide a quality experience for all parties involved.

    • Low Impact On Other Trades

We understand that installing the roof is just one element of a full commercial build out. We create and follow plans that do not interfere with other aspects of commercial building construction.

    • Speed

We are dedicated to finishing a job as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. We pride ourselves on minimizing operational downtime for our clients.

    • Safety

We guarantee that each of our job sites minimize risk from every angle and feature a team that has been rigorously trained on the latest job safety precaution measures.

Commercial Roof Construction Project Profiles

Accident Fund Insurance Accident Fund Insurance

ROOF AREA: 62,119 Square Feet
In 2007, The Accident Fund Insurance Company of America decided to purchase the renowned Ottawa Street Power Station building in Lansing and redevelop the building into the company’s corporate headquarters. Working with some of Michigan’s most prestigious construction and architecture companies, Bloom’s commercial roofing expertise helped to repurpose the inactive power station as one of Lansing’s most beautiful office buildings.

Lowe's Monroe Hospital

ROOF AREA: 94,840 Square Feet
In the fall of 2005, the newly established Monroe Hospital in Bloomington, Indiana required commercial roofing installation to help finalize the building's structure and design. Working hastily to finish before the impending winter, Bloom's highly-experienced team of contractors installed an adhered EPDM roofing system that still protects the hospital's patients and assets today.

Lowe's Lowe's

ROOF AREA: 150,000 Square Feet
In 2002, Lowe's planned to open a new store on the south side of Lansing, and needed a commercial roofing company that could construct a new roof for the 150,000 square foot facility. Because of Bloom Roofing's experience working with similar facilities and the company's extensive track record of successful commercial roof construction jobs, Bloom was selected to install a new roof for the retail outlet.